Your child’s education is our main priority

How to Apply

To Apply 

Download and complete an Application form  HERE

  1. check that your child is of the right age
  2. Obtain copies of Birth certificate
  3. Baptismal certificate (where possible)
  4. Obtain your Parish Priest’s supporting statement (where possible)

Bring these in to the School office:
c/o St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
155, Aldershot Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 8YH

or post them to attention of Admissions at the Nursery:

Basic Info

We offer children up to 10 three hour sessions per week (subject to availability) You are required to book a minimum of 5 sessions per week. Lunches are available and are charged separately.

Government funding is available for morning and afternoon sessions from the term after the child turns three. If your child attends another nursery/childminder as well and you claim funding there, the maximum you can claim is still 15 hours.

From September 2017 the Government are funding an extra 15 hours of free childcare for working parents who meet the set criteria. This means that some parents will be able to claim for up to 30 hours of free childcare.


Funding Information

Local Authority funding cannot be used to pay for lunches and these fees are paid by the parents. Any other sessions not funded will also be paid by the parents, see “Sessions, Prices and Terms & Conditions on the home page for details. Childcare vouchers are accepted for main sessions and lunches.

Childcare vouchers are accepted for main and lunch sessions

Step by step

  1. The main term for admissions is the Autumn Term, further admissions may be made in the spring and summer term, if space allows.
  2. You will need to submit your completed application and birth certificate two terms before your child is due to start.
  3. You will need to provide a completed application plus birth certificate, and other supporting information where you have it. which includes:  Baptismal certificate and Parish Priest’s supporting statement. We will need this information to properly assess the application.
  4. Once your application and supporting information is received, it is assessed against our admission criteria along with other applications.
  5. We will then ask you for your session preferences, once these are received we will be able to offer places.
  6. You are asked to confirm your acceptance of the offer, sign our terms and conditions and pay any fees that may be payable.
  7. It does happen that we can have spaces left at the end of this process, if so these are offered to parents based on their session preferences.

Application downloads

You can download our application form and Admissions criteria here


Every day- a complete change of clothes in a named bag

Every day-a piece of fruit to share

Every half term- A box of tissues or kitchen roll

The term they become 3 years old

One adult to every four children aged 2-3 years

One adult to every eight children aged 3-4 years

Yes we like all our nursery children to wear the nursery yellow polo shirt and the nursery purple sweatshirt

Yes we have a snack bar where the children are able to access fruit ,milk and water throughout the session

Yes we offer a lunch time session, where the children can have a hot meal. There is an additional cost for this

Your  child will be given a key person who will support your child’s progress and development while they are in the nursery .Your key person will communicate with you regularly on how your child is progressing

You can apply any time after the birth of your child, but practising Catholic families may wish to wait until after the baptism in order to be able to submit a copy of the baptism certificate in support of their application. In practice, most parents submit their applications when their child is between their first and second birthday.

No, you need to make a separate application at the appropriate time. Further information on the current admission criteria for the main school can be found on our school website, you are also welcome to contact our office staff for information and advice.